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RONDA Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor Ignition Grade

Mfr. Part No. P500-4

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RONDA Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor Ignition Grade

Contains all the materials needed to build a thermonuclear fusion reactor designed to reach Ignition Conditions that consists on generating more energy that injected in the machine.

RONDA is a 4 stage reactor energizes magnetically or electrostatically up to 4 Megajoule of plasma to a record energy 500KeV that could be used to ignite high density plasma using 200 Megawatts pulsed power system and 4MWrms. It is designed to generate 21MW one phase

This scientific instrument is easy to upgrade and modify to adapt to different operation modes and it is remotely operated.


Technical Reference in PDF





This product operation upgrades an institution to first level in the investigation of following fields:

- High efficiency electrostatic plasma heating

- Thermonuclear Fusion Physics

- High Energy

- Thermal and electric energy generation

- Plasma tests

- Plasma diagnostics


- Designed to reach ignition conditions that generates more energy released than injected with adequate configuration and design of the power sequences

- High efficiency Electrostatics energy injection to Hydrogen or Deuterium ions to 500KeV

- Low temperature electrons to allow high efficiency and high density

- High density fuel to yield high density fusion energy generation

- Anti-return magnetic coils

- Rated to clean fusion using aneutronic reactions: H-Li6 and H-Be9

- Could be used with H-B11 by using solid Boron or compound

- Installation under 10kV for easy regulations

- Neutron generating reactions are discouraged and will be performed under the responsibility of the user. Could be used to make D-D fusion by using deuterium ions hitting DLi7 as long as deuterium density in DLi7 is greater than pure deuterium solid.

- Investigators can design with their own software different discharge times to optimize operation

- Technical support 1 year

- It does not include electric transformer and capacitors to adapt output voltages to user requirements


- 1 or 4 Stage configuration

- Heating power 4 Megawatts rms

- Heating time 20 milliseconds

- High Energy Pulse AC capacitors energy storage up to 20 Kilojoules

- Low magnetic external chamber walls material is non-magnetic

- High energy pulse generators

- Turbomolecular pump station

- Included wires, screws, sealing, pipes

- Hydrogen/Deuterium injection system

- Target chambers

- Ruggedized pulse electronics board

- One ruggedized generating tube coil


- Remote safe operation

- Safe working installation with all capacitors discharged

- User can modify coils parallel/serial configuration and parallel capacitors in order to modify test parameters

Pulse generators

- Pulse generators designed to generate pulses up to 200MW

- 4 High speed pulse generators rated to 16/186Apk allowing an overall power of 74MW to heat 1Kilojoule plasma in 4 microseconds extracted from capacitor bank

Dimensions, weigh and external supply requirements

- Dimensions 2.7x0.77x0.5m without vacuum pump and injection unit

- Approximate freight weight 120kg without turbomolecular pump

- 220V/110Vac 50/60Hz 3KW

Terms and uses

The reactor includes a license to operate it. The license terms allows to generate client own technology that could be commercialized under a low cost license fee that covers global intellectual property protections.

These are PRELIMINARY SPECIFICATIONS: Drawings and specifications can be modified without notifying