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Pulsotron 500K | Nuclear Fusion


PULSOTRON 500K is a project to design and commercialise Compact Thermonuclear Fusion Reactors that heat ions to the record temperature of 500keV and also using the highest density fuel. Presently Pulsotron sells three models designed to reach Ignition within 3 years. The reactors can also be used to investigate plasma science, plasma diagnosis, thermonuclear fusion, plasma thrusters and medical investigation. Pulsotron is not a wonderful giant machine but a smaller one that does not try to compete with them but is designed to solve problems of ordinary people.

Javier López Segura



We have been trying fusion heating electrons unsuccessfully again and again Accelerate, not heat ions mainly using electrostatics or magnetic fields
Electrons are 1800 lighter then most of the electromagnetic field is transmitted to electrons: Avoid electrons acceleration using dedicated magnetics systems coupled to them
But electrons not fuse and also disturbs ion fusion! Use also fusion itself to provoke more reactions
Neutrons escapes from reaction and not heat other ions So we should use aneutronic fuel that generates high speed non scaping ions causing more reactions


- 4 fusion reactors

- 641 tests

- Reached ignition pressure conditions

- The first fusion device that was ever verified

- We tested 57 different devices including plasma accelerators

- High power magnetic field up to kilotesla level



Actual Status

Pulsotron 1A 1,26E9 [J·s/m3] Closed
Pulsotron 1B 2,52E9 [J·s/m3] Closed
Pulsotron 2A 2,3E11 [J·s/m3] Closed
Pulsotron 2B 1,74E+07 [A]; 7,74E+15 [Pa]; 9,29E+08 [Pa·s] Verified
Pulsotron 500K Ignition/Net gain Prototype Under design

Failed Simulations

We have recently simulated (Elena) Liner-1 and Liner-2 reactors with really good results. However, these results did not aim our goals.

Successful Simulations

The second simulation reach our goals and now we are improving the performance

Pulsotron 500k - Liner

Actually Miranda reactor is building. Also it is programming a control system that will be used in Liner reactors


1-Electrons are 1800 lighter so get most of the electromagnetic energy but they not only not fuse but also disturbs fusion. Our design does not heat electrons so it is 1800 times cheaper, lighter, easy to modify and faster.

2-Pulsotron was the first fusion project to be validated in pressure ignition conditions, Pulsotron-500k will reach also temperature ignition conditions.

Triple product chart

Thanks to the use of 500keV ions and high target density the triple product position of the three reactors goes directly to the Ignition level by design allowing to skilled scientists and engineers to reach ignition.


We have been burning fossil fuels for centuries without acceptable alternatives

The new electric cars needs energy equivalent to hundred nuclear plants over the world.


PULSOTRON 500K devices are environmental friendly. Fusion energy will provide enough energy to power all electrical uses.

Pulsotron fusion energy, as opposed to other fision or fusion reactors, uses clean reactions, using unlimited fuel and does not generete radioactive wastes


PULSOTRON 500K is developing continually thanks of our fantastic team, which is working hard to accomplish our goals