Pulsotron 500k

Pulsotron 500k - GOALS 1

1. Accelerate high density Hydrogen or Deuterium plasma to 500KeV to use it to make ignition. It will be done magnetically and electrostatics. It should make Pulsotron machine the only one to reach that energy level

2. The reactions to be tested are: D+D or H+Li6 fusion reactions by using a separated heater and confinement system.

3. Reach IGNITION in less than 1.5 years. The life is short, we cannot wait decades

4. The main reactions will be: D+D that generates neutron, H+Li6 that does not. Other reactions to be tested are: H+Be11 and beryllium: H+Be9

5. Use pulsotron to substitute combustion engines in all the ships and trucks. Also to substitute obsolete fission reactors and coal facilities.

Countries that helps develop Pulsotron will contain factories, the others not.

6. Not argue with ITER, try collaborate with them

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